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Expanded Polystyrene Sheet In Construction

expanded polystyrene sheet Construction

We manufacture and supply expanded polystyrene (EPS) board insulation here in Ghana. Our wide range includes products specifically designed for use as Floor Insulation, Roof Insulation and External Wall Insulation. Every insulation product is supplied in sizes, strengths and thermal performance designed to suit the application.

Our range also includes large expanded polystyrene blocks for void forming applications on civil engineering projects. Available in excellent high strength grades suitable for use in road and rail construction. For more information please visit our Offices

Floor Insulation -

Virtus Products Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Floor insulation boards are a cost-effective and permanent solution to meeting energy efficiency in buildings.

Our insulation boards provide excellent long-term performance for insulation and compressive strength, providing reliable insulation for the life of the building.

Roof Insulation +
External Wall Insulation +
Internal Wall Insulation +