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EPS Blocks

Expanded Polystyrene Sheet Foam Blocks

Expanded Polystyrene Sheet – EPS Foam Blocks, are a rigid, closed-cell, thermoplastic Foam Blocks, that are basically produced from solid beads of polystyrene. which is polymerized from styrene monomer and contains an expansion gas (pentane) dissolved within the polystyrene bead.

Each solid polystyrene bead contains small amounts of gas which expand when heat (in the form of steam) is applied, thus forming closed cells of EPS. These expanded cells occupy approximately 40 times the volume of the original polystyrene bead, and so with a second heat treatment using a mold, large EPS blocks can be molded into specific customized shapes.


The Manufacturing Process of Expanded Polystyrene – EPS foam Blocks:

Above all, EPS Foam manufacturing process at Virtus Products complies with the highest international environmental protection standards.

Then, to create the Foam blocks and sheets, tiny beads of polystyrene are treated with steam. to soften and expand up to 40 times their original volume.

Afterward, again using steam, the expanded foam beads are molded into shapes or large blocks in several densities to meet specific project needs.

In the first place, the process does not involve the use of ozone-layer-depleting CFCs. No harmful gasses or substances are produced during the manufacturing process, and all waste generated is 100% recyclable.

Why EPS Foam Blocks Is Best?

  • EXCELLENT FOR CRAFTING – Easy to work with. Smooth Foam board can be cut, sanded, coated or painted
  • LIMITED ONLY BY YOUR IMAGINATION – Polystyrene sheets are ready to be cut into cubes or shapes. Other popular uses include protection for packaging, aquaponics / hydroponics raft, wargaming scenery base, model railroad terrain building, school craft projects and insulation for smaller areas.
  • LETTERS – SIGNS – WALL DECOR – CRAFTS – FLORAL – BAKING – CENTERPIECE – Use with Cake Pops, Flower Arrangements, Decor, Diorama and Model Making
  • When customers refer to styrofoam, they are commonly talking about polystyrene (Expanded Polystyrene or EPS) products, such as foam cups, packing material and food take out boxes. Polystyrene is routinely mistaken for styrofoam even though STYROFOAM is a trademarked brand of foam instead of a foam style. Polystyrene has some amazing characteristics including being 100% recyclable and landfill safe. Polystyrene is not only excellent for shipment padding but also floats and will not rot, mildew or otherwise loose it’s effectiveness if exposed to moisture.
  • IEPS FOAM – Large Foam Block of White Expanded Polystyrene Foam – 1 Pound Density – CONTENTS – 1 piece of 11x17x7 inch thick block / cube
  • expanded polystyrene sheet Construction in building 3
  • expanded polystyrene sheet Construction in building 2
  • expanded polystyrene sheet Construction in building 1