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Welcome To virtus products

Virtus Products Limited: Is a manufacturing company that produces expandable products like, Fish Boxes, Ice Chests, Fish floats and Expandable blocks.

Virtus Products Limited (VPL), is over 50 years of experience in business and when it comes to expanded polystyrene we are the best, we are located on plot number 36, Robertson Kotei Street, north industrial area directly opposite Forewin Ghana LTD-Accra Ghana.

We have opened one of the biggest expandable products factories in Elmina, which you can order your wholesales from there, you can contact us or go to No. 1 Industrial Estate, Essaman, Elmina, Ghana.

Product quality and customer satisfaction are among the many reasons our customers keep coming back. We work hard to understand our customer’s needs in order to design and develop the best product for the job. The possibilities are endless and we have virtually unlimited design flexibility.


EPS Blocks

Expanded Polystyrene Sheet – EPS Foam Blocks, are a rigid, closed-cell, thermoplastic Foam Blocks, that are basically produced from solid beads of polystyrene. which is polymerized from styrene monomer and…

EPS In Packaging For fishing Food & Deliverable

Our Sunpack brand offers a wide range of EPS boxes to suit your needs from Fish Boxes and Home Delivery Boxes through to insulating containers for Pharmaceuticals and Protective Packaging…

EPS In Construction & Insulation

We manufacture and supply expanded polystyrene (EPS) board insulation here in Ghana. Our wide range includes products specifically designed for use as Floor Insulation, Roof Insulation and External Wall Insulation


How is expanded polystyrene made?
The conversion of expandable polystyrene to expanded polystyrene is carried out in three stages:

Maturing/Stabilization, and

Polystyrene is produced from crude oil refinery product styrene. For manufacturing EPS, the polystyrene beads are impregnated with the foaming agent pentane. Polystyrene granulate is prefoamed at temperatures above 90°C.

This temperature causes the foaming agent to evaporate. Hence inflating the thermoplastic base material to 20-50 times its original size.

After this, the beads are stored for 6-12 hrs allowing them to reach equilibrium. Then beads are conveyed to the mold to produce forms suited as per application.


What is expanded polystyrene Sheet (EPS)?

EPS is a lightweight material with good insulation characteristics offering benefits such as:

Thermal Insulation:

Due to its closed cell structure, comprising 98% air bound by a cellular polymer matrix, EPS has exceptionally low thermal conductivity. This helps keep food such as fish, meat and produce fresher for longer. It means less food wastage from temperature degradation.

Impact Protection and Mechanical Strength:

EPS has extremely high shock absorbency characteristics and exceptional mechanical/compressive strength. These attributes help protect everything from fish and fresh produce to delicate electrical or electronic goods. EPS packaging is also widely acknowledged for its ability to protect high-value and/or heavy goods – from domestic appliances to computers and TV sets.


EPS is 98% air, helping make it one of the lightest of all packaging materials. This brings significant beneficial impacts when it comes to handling, transportation and fuel costs.

Moisture Resistant and Rot-proof:

EPS is non-hygroscopic which means it does not readily absorb or retain moisture from the atmosphere. It is also rot-proof. These are crucial attributes when it comes to protecting goods which may be affected by moisture.

Environmentally Safe and Recyclable:

EPS is non-toxic, inert and contains no CFCs or HCFCs. It is odourless and tasteless and does not support fungal, bacteriological or animal growth. It has no attraction for vermin and is therefore ideal for food packaging. EPS can easily be recycled or beneficially recovered where facilities exist.

Branding Options:

The smooth surface of EPS is suitable for printed or embossed corporate or product branding or adhesive labelling